Shiitake Mushrooms


The Shiitake is one of the most versatile mushrooms in the kitchen. It is an edible mushroom native to East Asia, cultivated and consumed in many Asian countries, and is commonly dried and exported to countries around the world.



Shiitakes are featured in Asian cuisines including Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. In the East, the shiitake mushroom has long been considered a delicacy as well as a medicinal mushroom. They contain protein, carbohydrates, fiber, linoleic acid, Vitamins B2, C, D and minerals.  Fresh and dried shiitake have many uses. In Chinese cuisine, they are often sautéed in vegetarian dishes. In Japan, they are served in miso soup and are an ingredient in many steamed and simmered dishes. In Thailand, they may be served either fried or steamed. Many people prefer dried shiitake to fresh. The Shiitake flavor can stand up to any spicy dish and can even replace meat in spaghetti sauce. Sauté shiitake mushrooms in butter and oil and pair them with meat, pasta or rice.

Rehydrate by soaking in hot water for 30 minutes, drain and squeeze out excess water.  1 oz.

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