Shallots, Freeze Dried

Shallots, Freeze Dried
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The Shallot is a botanical variety of the species Allium cepa, to which the multiplier onion also belongs.  The genus Allium, which includes onions and garlic as well as shallots, is now classified in the plant family Amaryllidaceae.  Shallots probably originated in Central or Southeast Asia, traveling from there to India and the eastern Mediterranean.  The name "shallot" comes from Ashkelon, an ancient Philistine city, where people in classical Greek times believed shallots originated.
Shallots have a great flavor that is not as overpowering as onions and garlic.  They are great flavor additions sautéed in butter with seafood, incorporated into just about any sauce, or sprinkled over a variety of meats. Reconstituting in red or white wine enhances the sauce even further.

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