Red Honeybush Tea

Red Honeybush Tea
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Red Honeybush Tea is an organic tea blend that combines Red Rooibos and Honeybush teas. Red Rooibos offers antioxidant benefits
and Honeybush provides natural sweetness.
Taste: When brewed, it is fragrant with aromas of late summer berries, roses, and honey. Delicious iced and suitable for all ages.
Red Honeybush is naturally sweet and delivers a refreshingly smooth flavor.  It has a hint of berries and floral notes and a definite sense of honey. Red Honey bush Tea brews quickly in 3-4 minutes and turns a deep brick-orange color.  This organic blend is caffeine free and suitable for any time of day.  Serve hot or iced.
Caffeine free.

1 oz and 2.5 oz

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