Red Bell Pepper, Diced

Red Bell Pepper, Diced
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Bell pepper, also known as sweet pepper or capsicum, is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum (chili pepper). Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colors, including red, yellow, orange and green. Bell peppers are sometimes grouped with less pungent pepper varieties as "sweet peppers". Peppers are native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America. Pepper seeds were later carried to Spain in 1493 and from there spread to other European, African and Asian countries. Today, Mexico remains one of the major pepper producers in the world.  The term "bell pepper" or "pepper" or "capsicum" is often used for any of the large bell shaped capsicum fruits, regardless of their color.  The color can be green, red, yellow, orange and more rarely, white, rainbow (between stages of ripening) and purple, depending on when they are harvested and the specific cultivar. Green peppers are less sweet and slightly more bitter than red, yellow or orange peppers.

Bell Peppers are very sweet and colorful, with a concentrated flavor. It takes 10 pounds of fresh raw bell peppers to make one pound of these dehydrated bell peppers.  Green and red bell peppers are a tasty addition to stuffing, meat loaf, salads, omelets, pasta salads, dips, soups, sauces and a myriad of other dishes. To rehydrate, mix 3 parts water and one part peppers. Let stand until soft, about 20 minutes. You can add them to dishes with a lot of liquid, that will cook for at least 20 minutes, without rehydrating them first.

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