Mesquite Smoke Powder

Mesquite Smoke Powder
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Mesquite (from Nahuatl mizquitl) is a leguminous plant of the Prosopis genus.  Mesquite wood is hard, allowing it to be used for furniture and implements. Wood from Prosopis juliflora and Prosopis glandulosa is used for decorative woodworking and woodturning. It is highly desirable due to its dimensional stability after being fully cured. The hard, dense lumber is also sold as "Texas Ironwood" and is rather harsh on chain saws and other tools.  As firewood, mesquite burns slowly and very hot. When used to barbecue, the smoke from the wood adds a distinct flavor to the food. This is common in the Southwest and Texas-style barbecue.  Mesquite-wood roasting or grilling is used to smoke-flavor steaks, chicken, pork, and fish. Mesquite smoke flavoring can be added to vegetable stir-fries, scrambled eggs, soups, and even ice cream.

Mesquite has a strong earthy flavor and pairs well with most meats, especially beef and many vegetables.  Use a small amount of Mesquite Smoke Powder in your homemade dry rubs or wherever that smokey flavor is desired.

Contains: Maltodextrin, mesquite smoke flavor, silicon dioxide.

1.3 oz.

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