Memphis BBQ Rub

Memphis BBQ Rub
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Memphis BBQ Rub takes you back to the deep south.  The complexity of this rub's flavor will develop over time inside your BBQ pit.  Make your own Memphis style pork ribs at home.  Blanch a rack of ribs for a few seconds in boiling salted water, then load on the spice rub and tightly wrap in foil.  Cook low and slow in a 200 degree oven or pit for about 8 hours.  If you still debate the wet sauce vs. dry rub approach, this blend just may be the one to win the argument.

Contains: paprika, oregano, allspice, garlic powder, peppercorns, mustard powder, thyme, sea salt, Worcestershire powder, cayenne, brown sugar, mustard seed, celery seed, and coriander seed.

5.6 oz.

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