Honey Mustard Blend

Honey Mustard Blend
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Honey Mustard Blend is a perfect seasoning for chicken and pork. Use it just like a dry rub before grilling, pan sauteeing, or baking. You’ll love that it has turmeric in the ingredients for that extra “something” in the flavor and for the wonderful color it adds to food.
Contains: honey powder, brown mustard, shallots, yellow mustard, garlic, vinegar, and turmeric.
Honey Mustard Blend can be used on chicken and pork, but try it as your secret ingredient in potato and pasta salads and in homemade dressings for vegetable salads.  Sprinkle it on popcorn or on oven-baked pita wedges for a tasty pita chip.

1.8 oz & 4.5 oz

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