Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel
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This is absolutely the best of the best, the caviar of salts!  Fleur de Sel by Le Trésor is from the Guérande region of France and is certified Organic.  The crystals form on the very top layer of the salt ponds and are harvested by barely skimming the surface. True “Fleur de Sel” can only originate from Guérande.  You'll notice a very delicate flavor, a moist texture, and a rich, sweet flavor that melts on your tongue. It has the highest mineral content and is naturally low in sodium.

Fleur de Sel dissolves faster than regular salt when used in cooking. Hence it is best used as a finishing salt by sprinkling it over food just before serving. You will find it especially pleasing with steamed or grilled vegetables, a nice way to brighten salads, and a perfect finish for roasted or baked meats.  It is also a delicate finish for many desserts and chocolates.

2.6 oz.

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