Ancho Honey Citrus and Garlic Lime Chile Small Jar Duo

Ancho Honey Citrus and Garlic Lime Chile Small Jar Duo
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SPECIAL!  Two-jar pairing with special savings!  Features a small jar each: Ancho Honey Citrus Blend and Garlic Lime Chile Blend

2 oz

Ancho Honey Citrus Blend combines a wonderful blend of flavors. The ancho adds that deep, smoky base, the honey layers in sweetness and the citrus brightens everything! Our favorites with this blend include pork loin or boneless chops, chicken and even steak fajitas for a new twist on the old recipe.  Contains: dried chiles, dried honey, sugar, salt, natural flavors, paprika, onion, garlic, dried cane syrup, citric acid, silicon dioxide, and mace.

2 oz

Garlic Lime Chile Blend has three great flavors featured in one blend! Savory garlic is matched up with a little heat from dried chile peppers. The lime helps brighten the combo creating a versatile blend. Try this on just about any type of meat, salmon, your favorite selection for fish tacos, and a variety of veggies. Use it as a punch of flavor for fried foods in the dredge or as a finishing sprinkle.  Contains: Garlic, dried chile peppers, paprika, sugar, lime juice powder (maltodextrin, lime juice solids), salt, lime peel, onion
powder, citric acid.



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