Alabama Magic Chili Seasoning

Alabama Magic Chili Seasoning
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Alabama Magic Chili Seasoning blends well with cubed or chili grind beef.  You will add broth, tomato sauce, and kick it up with a few jalapeno and serrano peppers.  Add seasoning mix as directed.  Total cook time is a little over 2 hours to bring out the complex flavors of this mix.
Contains:  salt, beef fat, spice extractives, modified food starch, sugar, onion, yeast extract, oleoresin turmeric, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, black pepper, red peppers, msg, annatto, oregano, cayenne, coriander, artificial flavoring, and other spices. 

3.7 oz.  Mix packet with 2 lb. meat.  Make a large batch on the weekend and freeze for easy weeknight dinners.  Complete cooking instructions included.

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